CNC Multi-Axis Turning

Bryco Machine continually invests in the latest state-of-of-the-art CNC Multi-Axis Turning machinery to produce high precision parts to meet your specifications. Our machines feature 7-Axis capabilities with high-pressure coolant, spindle speeds up to 4,000 RPM and live tooling. This technology, coupled with our experienced staff ensures unparalleled service and expertise that is unique within the industry.

Bryco CNC Multi-Axis Turning Equipment:

  • 12 CNC Multi-Axis Mill/Turning Centers

B465Y2 Eurotech Mill/Turn Turning Centers:

  • Twin Spindle, Twin Turret
  • 7-Axis
  • Double Y Axis
  • 2 ¾” Diameter Capacity
  • 4000 RPM Spindle Speed
  • 35 HP Main Spindle
  • 15 HP Sub Spindle
  • 5 HP Live Tools
  • High-Pressure Coolant
  • FANUC 32i-T Control

1 Doosan Lynx 220LMSA Mill-Drill Turning Center (For Prototypes):

  • Main and Sub Spindle
  • Live Tools
  • 12 Station Turret with 24 Position Indexing
  • All Stations Live Tooling
  • 20 HP 6000 RPM on both Spindles