Angie (Bettinardi) Zehner – Bryon Bettinardi

Bryon Bettinardi, owner and founder of Bryco Machine is a second-generation machinist. Bryon began machining parts in his father’s basement and worked every day after school and weekends with his dad. His father worked as a machinist at Argonne National Laboratory and eventually opened Donson Machine. Bryon continued to work with his father until 1983 when he opened Bryco Machine. Over the years Bryco has evolved from a 1-person job shop to a 50-person precision machining facility. Bryon and his daughter Angie now run the business together. With over 50 years of machining industry experience Bryco remains a leader in the manufacturing of precision metal parts.

To continue to ensure the success of its customers, Bryco recently invested in a new facility (July 2014) with 22,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space. This investment reflects the Bryco commitment to satisfying customer needs and efficiently producing complex parts with the best quality. The new space will also allow Bryco to continue to grow and help bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA!