At Bryco, we take special care to ensure your parts are manufactured to the highest quality. From Gauge R&R, advance calibration software system from certification to in-house tools and inspections we take pride in our processes that help us deliver quality products to each customer.

Our Quality Lab is equipped with the most advance inspection equipment, i.e.:

  • RAM Optical SprintMVP™ 250 non-contact measuring system that provides automatic dimensional measurement:
  1. Advance Fixture System for Maximum Repeatability
  2. Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software
  3. Measure-X® video and multi-sensor measurement software
  4. Capability to save and print measurement results
  • Contracer CV-2100 capability of:
  1. OD and ID trace with precision.
  2. Provide accurate measurements of radius, angles and location dimensions using advance stylus.
  3. Submit hardcopy with part outline and dimensional results.
  • Ram Optical ROI System:
  1. Used to verify and validate the quality of in-process production.
  • SJ-410 Optical Profilometer:
  1. Provide instant surface finish results. 


SPC Data and charts, FMEA, Process Control Plans, First Articles, PPAP Reports, and in-process inspection data sheets are all available upon request.

Quality Control Manager

Bryco employs a quality control manager to check orders prior to shipping.